Must the Loudest Voice Win?

The cries of a hungry child go unheard
Bird songs drowned out
As are voices of scientists and academics
Newly reviled experts of the deep state
Whose original sin is pursuit of truth over personal gain

All are cast aside by old white men
Bloviating into microphones
Listen to ME!
Only to ME!
Believe ME!
Only ME!
Don’t change that dial!
Stay tuned to my wit and wisdom!

Comes from the gut
You’ve gotta believe it
Your fears feed my bank account
And I’ve gotta have another mansion
And another yacht

Who ya gonna believe?
(I’ve got six hundred million dollars
And money talks, doncha know)
Or that poor son of a nobody doctor?
He don’t even have his own
syndicated radio show on 600 stations

Ah, that’s better
I’ll tell you what you wanna hear
Give you someone to blame
Turn that fear to righteous anger

And now a word from our sponsor…

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